Sites in Norway where the Vedde Tephra is found

Tephrabase has found 10 sites with the Vedde Tephra in Norway.

More information about the sites (including tephra layers and geochemistry) displayed on the map above can be obtained by clicking on the symbols and then the site name which appears in the bubble. Use the zoom and drag controls to change your view - you might need to zoom out to display a basemap, where a high resolution image is not available. Alternative basemaps are available by clicking on the right-hand + symbol. You can also click on any site names in the list below for more information.

Site Name Profile Area (Norway) Latitude Longitude Grid Reference Altitude (m) Geochemistry
Borge monolithIsland of Vestvagoy 68.247°N 13.742°E n/a 18 View data
(lake site)
DekkjavatnØrskog 62.4947°N 6.7774°E n/a 72.3 View data
Dimnamyra Dimnamyra 13Dimnøya 62.3203°N 5.8014°E n/a 32 View data
(lake site)
502-28-03Sula, near Ålesund 62.4285°N 6.2492°E n/a 38 View data
(lake site)
502-05-03Vågsøy 62.0274°N 5.0037°E n/a 40 no data
(lake site)
502-30-03Oksenøya, near Ålesund 62.4678°N 6.303°E n/a n/a View data
(lake site)
502-37-02Oksenøya, near Ålesund 62.4838°N 6.5129°E n/a 44.9 no data
Saudedalsmyra 502-31-01Sula near Alesund 62.4298°N 6.237°E n/a 40 View data
Skjervikmyra SkjervikmyraSpjelkavik 62.4889°N 6.4096°E n/a 22 View data
Torvlømyra 502-32-01Sula, near Ålesund 62.4291°N 6.2434°E n/a 40 no data

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