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Sediment accumulation rates (SeAR) can be used as a proxy for soil erosion in Iceland, where the majority of the soils are loessial andosols. Increased local soil accumulation can be the result of increased erosion nearby. By using well-dated tephra layers, it is possible to build up a history of variations in soil accumulation rates over time, which can help us to understand the processes which have resulted in the severe soil erosion found in Iceland (e.g. Dugmore et al., 2009). The Sediment Accumulation Rate Calculator started off by using data from Richard Streeter's PhD work to create sediment accumlation graphs and summaries for the Skaftartunga area of souther Iceland. This tool has now been further developed and extended to cover other Icelandic data, mainly around Mývatn in northern Iceland, and Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull in southern Iceland .

Select the profiles for sediment accumulation rate calulation by either entering up to four profile numbers into the boxes below, or by clicking on a marker and hitting the button in the text bubble to add that sites profile to the list automatically.

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