Tephrabase: Iceland and North-West Europe Searches

Sites The query form available from this page will allow searches of the database on locations in Iceland and north-west Europe. For example, you can obtain lists of all the tephra layers in a particular country or the sites where a particular tephra layer is found. Once you have identified the tephra layers you want, geochemical data tables can then be obtained. Details about volcanic systems are also available.
Geochemical Two types of query are available from here. The first one produces geochemical data tables of tephra layers at various geographical scales in Iceland and north-west Europe and the second allows tephra layers with certain geochemical characteristics to be found (two searches available).
Dates The searches available from here query the database to give indications of possible eruptions which have occurred and tephra layers which were deposited during particular time periods.
Eruption Searches can be made from here on particular eruptions from volcanic systems in Iceland. This is particularly suitable for eruptions during the last 1100 years.
Volcanic systems Searches can be made from here on particular volcanic systems in Iceland. Information on each volcanic system is available.
Tephramap This will show a map of the sites with tephra layers stored in Tephrabase.
Tephrabase GIS & Tephrostratigraphy An extension to Tephrabase where a set of academic-research oriented web-based GIS and profile tools can be found. These include automatic creation of tephrostratigraphic profiles, sediment accumulation rate graphs and other sediment and tephra mapping tools.


Data Sources

All of the data contained in this database is either published or donated. When using the data acknowledgement must be made of the original source of the data and that the data was obtained from Tephrabase. See Copyright information.