Tiefer See, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

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Your search has found 8 Tephra layers at Tiefer See

Site Type Area Latitude Longitude Altitude (m)
Lake Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 53.5917°N 12.5300°E 63
Profile Tephra Layer
NoNameTotal Profile Depth (m)TypeCorrelated name1Local name2Tephra Depth (m)CommentsGeochemical dataRef
1171 TSK (composite profile) 10.83 UWITEC piston corer
Askja 1875 TephraTSK11_K3_33-34_T 0.467 - 0.46740 colourless to light brownish glass shards (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822
TSK11_B1u_137-142_T 2.406 - 2.406Two brown, low vesicular glass shards (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822
Glen Garry TephraTSK11_B2o_84-85_T 4.014 - 4.014Colourless, highly vesicular shards (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822
Hekla 4 TephraTSK11_A3_120-125_T 6.079 - 6.079two colourless, highly vesicular glass in 5cm^3 sample (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822
Lairg Tephra BTSK13_F5_37-43_T 7.915 - 7.915x2 colourless, highly vesicular glass shards (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822
Saksunarvatn TephraTSK13_F6_55_T 9.892 - 9.8920.3mm macroscopic layer made of brownish glass shards >100 shards cm^-3View Data4822
Askja-S TephraTSK13_F6_91-92_T 10.230 - 10.230Glass shards are colourless, highly vesicular at 3 shards cm^-3 (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822
Hässeldalen?TSK13_F6_99-100_T 10.317 - 10.317Colourless, highly vesicular glass shards at 2 shards cm^-3 (*Cryptotephra)View Data4822


*Note that the Tephra layer depth of a cryptotephra does not indicate the thickness of the layer, as in a visible tephra tephra layer. The thickness indicates the spread of the tephra shards in the sediment or sometimes the top and bottom depths are the same (i.e. no apparent thickness).

1Correlated tephra name means that the tephra deposit has been correlated with a tephra horizon found at multiple sites (e.g. Hekla 4). Of course, these correlations could be reinterpreted and care needs to be taken.

2Local tephra name is the name given by the researchers for the tephra found at the site, this is often a mixture of a site code/name and the depth of the tephra. Not all tephra layers in Tephrabase have a local name, but more or being added. This is independent of any correlations to other tephra deposits.


The data on this page is from the following source(s). If you use this data please acknowledge the source of the data. The number preceding each reference matches the Ref number on the data table above.

4822: Wulf, S. Dräger, N. Ott, F. Serb, J. Appelt, O. Guðmundsdóttir, E. van den Bogaard, C. Slowinski, M. Laszkiewicz, M. and Brauder, A.  2016  Holocene tephrostratigraphy of varved sediment records from Lakes Tiefer See (NE Germany) and Czechowskie (N Poland). Journal of Quaternary Science  32, 1-14. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.quascirev.2015.11.007

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