Oddastađir 02 2, Mývatnssveit, Iceland

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This page contains the results of your search. It is divided into two sections. The first contains information about any tephra layers present at the site and the second part contains details about the source references and the date and time of the search.

Your search has found 20 Tephra layers at Oddastađir 02 2

Site Type Area Latitude Longitude Altitude (m)
Terrestrial Iceland, Mývatnssveit 65.4811°N 17.0753°W 370
Profile Tephra Layer
NoNameTotal Profile Depth (m)TypeCorrelated name1Local name2Tephra Depth (m)CommentsGeochemical dataRef
1210 OD02 2 n/a Soil section
Veiđivötn 1717 TephraOD02 2 1 0.750 - 0.755Coarse dark tephra5294
Veiđivötn 1477 TephraOD02 2 2 0.825 - 0.865Dark gray tephra5294
V-Sv TephraOD02 2 3 0.945 - 0.950Fine olive green tephra5294
Landnám TephraOD02 2 4 0.955 - 0.955Trace fine olive green tephra5294
OD02 2 5 0.975 - 0.990Fine to coarse dark tephra5294
OD02 2 6 0.991 - 0.991Trace fine olive green tephra5294
OD02 2 7 0.992 - 0.997Fine dark tephra5294
OD02 2 8 1.047 - 1.047Trace coarse dark tephra5294
OD02 2 9 1.048 - 1.053Coarse dark tephra5294
OD02 2 10 1.063 - 1.063Trace fine dark tephra5294
OD02 2 11 1.064 - 1.064Trace fine white tephra5294
OD02 2 12 1.104 - 1.114Coarse dark tephra5294
OD02 2 13 1.124 - 1.134Fine dark tephra5294
OD02 2 14 1.154 - 1.159Coarse dark tephra5294
Hverfjall TephraOD02 2 15 1.179 - 1.194Coarse dark tephra5294
OD02 2 16 1.224 - 1.229Coarse dark tephra5294
Hekla 3 TephraOD02 2 17 1.234 - 1.294Fine white tephra5294
OD02 2 18 1.304 - 1.304Trace fine dark tephra5294
Hekla 4 TephraOD02 2 19 1.304 - 1.384Fine white tephra to dark tephra5294
OD02 2 20 1.404 - 1.424Coarse dark tephra5294


*Note that the Tephra layer depth of a cryptotephra does not indicate the thickness of the layer, as in a visible tephra tephra layer. The thickness indicates the spread of the tephra shards in the sediment or sometimes the top and bottom depths are the same (i.e. no apparent thickness).

1Correlated tephra name means that the tephra deposit has been correlated with a tephra horizon found at multiple sites (e.g. Hekla 4). Of course, these correlations could be reinterpreted and care needs to be taken.

2Local tephra name is the name given by the researchers for the tephra found at the site, this is often a mixture of a site code/name and the depth of the tephra. Not all tephra layers in Tephrabase have a local name, but more or being added. This is independent of any correlations to other tephra deposits.


The data on this page is from the following source(s). If you use this data please acknowledge the source of the data. The number preceding each reference matches the Ref number on the data table above.

5294: Sigurđardóttir, R., Newton, A. J., Hicks, M. T., Dugmore, A. J., Hreinsson, V., Ogilvie, A. E. J., Júlíusson, Á. D., Einarsson, Á., Hartman, S., Simpson, I. A., Vésteinsson, O., and McGovern, T. M.   2019   Trolls, Water, Time, and Community: Resource Management in the Mývatn District of Northeast Iceland. Studies in Human Ecology, Vol. 11: Global Perspectives on Long Term Community Resource Management  Lozny, L. R. and McGovern, T. H., Springer International Publishing, New York,77-101. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-15800-2_5

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