Kortlandamossen, Värmland, Sweden

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Your search has found 4 Tephra layers at Kortlandamossen

Site Type Area Latitude Longitude Altitude (m)
Terrestrial Sweden, Värmland 59.8460°N 12.2640°E 123
Profile Tephra Layer
NoNameTotal Profile Depth (m)TypeCorrelated name1Local name2Tephra Depth (m)CommentsGeochemical dataRef
105 Kortlandamossen 1 4.00 11cm wide Russian corer
Askja 1875 TephraKortlandamossen 15-20 0.150 - 0.200*CryptotephraView Data1680
Hekla 3 TephraKortlandamossen 250-255 2.500 - 2.550*CryptotephraView Data1680
Hekla S Tephra
(Kebister Tephra)
Kort 62 3.200 - 3.250View Data1208
Hekla 4 TephraKortlandamossen 365-370 3.650 - 3.700*CryptotephraView Data1680


*Note that the Tephra layer depth of a cryptotephra does not indicate the thickness of the layer, as in a visible tephra tephra layer. The thickness indicates the spread of the tephra shards in the sediment or sometimes the top and bottom depths are the same (i.e. no apparent thickness).

1Correlated tephra name means that the tephra deposit has been correlated with a tephra horizon found at multiple sites (e.g. Hekla 4). Of course, these correlations could be reinterpreted and care needs to be taken.

2Local tephra name is the name given by the researchers for the tephra found at the site, this is often a mixture of a site code/name and the depth of the tephra. Not all tephra layers in Tephrabase have a local name, but more or being added. This is independent of any correlations to other tephra deposits.


The data on this page is from the following source(s). If you use this data please acknowledge the source of the data. The number preceding each reference matches the Ref number on the data table above.

1208: Boygle, J.  1998  A little goes a long way: discovery of a new mid-Holocene tephra in Sweden. Boreas  27, 195-199..

1680: Boygle, J.  2004  Towards a Holocene tephrochronology for Sweden: geochemistry and correlation with the North Atlantic tephra stratigraphy. Journal of Quaternary Science  19, 103-109..

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