Laacher See Tephra Sites in France

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The location of the Laacher See volcano is also shown, although you may need to zoom out or zoom in to see this. More data, including geochemistry will be added to the Laacher See sites soon. Details about the Laacher See data can be found here.

Site NameAreaCountryLatitudeLongitudeVent distance (km)Altitude (m)
Grande Pile Alsace France 47.733333°N 6.667°E 301
Lac de Sewen Alsace France 47.811667°N 6.897°E 290 500
Marais de la Maxe Alsace France 48.455°N 7.124°E 218 656
Lake Saint-Point (lake site) Doubs France 46.828889°N 6.327°E 404 850
Lac d'Annecy (lake site) Haute-Savoie France 45.879722°N 6.167°E 511
Lake Lautrey Jura France 46.586944°N 5.878°E 438 788
Lake Onoz Jura France 46.476389°N 5.654°E 454 560

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