Tephramap of Europe

This map displays all of the sites with tephra layers stored in Tephrabase. To view details of a site click on an item. The site name is displayed when the cursor is placed above an icon. Use the controls on the maps to zoom in and out.

View Icelandic Volcanic Systems.
View Mexican tephra sites.

Tephrabase has details of tephra layers at 1003 sites within Europe (including Iceland).


From the start Tephrabase has included a mapping feature. In 1995, when Tephrabase was launched, we originally used the XeroxPARC Map Viewer for displaying the locations of sites. This early web mapping service was discontinued in the early 2000s. For several years Google Maps was the means of showing locations. Tephrabase now uses OpenLayers as its main mapping system, through which a variety of basemaps are available including Bing, Ordnance Survey and OpenStreetMaps. A variety of satellite images and maps are therefore available.. For example, if you search for all the sites where Hekla 4 is found, a location will be produced along with the other information.

Data Sources

All of the data contained in this database is either published or donated. When using the data, acknowledgement must be made of the original source of the data and that the data was obtained from Tephrabase. See Copyright information.

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