Sites where the Hekla 4 Tephra is found

Tephrabase has found the Hekla 4 Tephra at 59 sites.

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Site Name Profile Area Latitude Longitude Grid Reference Altitude (m) Geochemistry
Fenton Cottage Core BLancashire, England 53.9000°N 2.9200°W SD404450 8.9 View data
Fleet Moss Fleet MossPennines, England 54.2500°N 2.2000°W SD862834 560 View data
Malham Moss MMNorth Yorkshire, England 54.0970°N 2.1730°W SD887668 380 View data
(lake site)
BrúnavatnStreymoy, Faroe Islands 62.0695°N 6.8558°W 260 View data
Eiði Eidi LakeEysturoy, Faroe Islands 62.3000°N 7.0833°W 5 View data
(lake site)
Core 1Streymoy, Faroe Islands 62.1279°N 7.0022°W 77 View data
Skaelingsvatn Core 1Streymoy, Faroe Islands 62.0270°N 6.8330°W n/a 300 View data
(lake site)
StóravatnStreymoy, Faroe Islands 62.0709°N 6.8603°W 260 View data
Jardelunder Moor JamSchleswig-Holstein, Germany 54.8200°N 9.2300°E n/a n/a View data
Tiefer See
(lake site)
TSK (composite profile)Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany 53.5917°N 12.5300°E n/a 63 View data
Audkula Upper ProfileSvinadalur, Austur-Hunavatnasysla, Iceland 65.5000°N 20.0400°W n/a 200 View data
Hrísheimar 10 H10Mývatnssveit, Iceland 65.5174°N 17.1157°W n/a 320 no data
Hrísheimar 11 H11Mývatnssveit, Iceland 65.5166°N 17.1166°W n/a 320 no data
Kalfafell Peat ProfileKalfafellsheidi, Vestur-Skaftafellsysla, Iceland 63.9500°N 17.6670°W n/a 125 View data
Krákábotnar KrákábotnarMývatnssveit, Iceland 65.3238°N 17.0941°W n/a 410 no data
Oddastaðir 02 1 OD02 1Mývatnssveit, Iceland 65.4767°N 17.0787°W n/a 370 no data
Oddastaðir 02 2 OD02 2Mývatnssveit, Iceland 65.4811°N 17.0753°W n/a 370 no data
Orrastaðir Sv11 (Pit 11)Svinadalur, Austur-Hunavatnasysla, Iceland 65.5491°N 20.1593°W n/a 130 View data
Sandfell 2 SF2Mývatnssveit, Iceland 65.5356°N 17.2206°W n/a 431 no data
Sellandagróf 2 Selland2bMývatnssveit, Iceland 65.4331°N 17.0767°W n/a 400 no data
Solheimahals Profile 1Svinadalur, Austur-Hunavatnasysla, Iceland 65.5320°N 20.0560°W n/a 145 View data
Svartivatn Road 2 SVR2Mývatnssveit, Iceland 65.4233°N 17.2918°W n/a 350 no data
Svinadalur Profile 1Svinadalur, Austur-Hunavatnasysla, Iceland 65.5000°N 20.0700°W n/a 130 View data
Tungunesmuli Profile 1Svinadalur, Austur-Hunavatnasysla, Iceland 65.5110°N 19.9560°W n/a 140 View data
Mallin Head MonolithCounty Donegal, Ireland 55.2800°N 7.2500°W C248449 8 View data
Claraghmore ClaraghmoreCounty Tyrone, Northern Ireland 54.6311°N 7.4587°W n/a 80 no data
Claraghmore Bog CLA-BCounty Tyrone, Northern Ireland 54.6330°N 7.4540°W n/a 78 View data
Claraghmore Lake
(lake site)
CLA-LCounty Tyrone, Northern Ireland 54.6310°N 7.4500°W n/a 78 View data
Dead Island Bog Dead Island Centre CoreCounty Londonderry, Northern Ireland 54.8869°N 6.5498°W C931053 41 View data
Garry Bog Core 1County Antrim, Northern Ireland 55.1083°N 6.5278°W C940305 32 View data
Glen West Monolith ICounty Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 54.4077°N 8.0470°W G9751 90 View data
Slieveanorra Slieveanorra centreCounty Antrim, Northern Ireland 55.0730°N 6.2280°W D132265 290 View data
Sluggan Bog Sluggan Core ACounty Antrim, Northern Ireland 54.7650°N 6.2931°W J 099921 50 View data
Borge monolithVestvågøy, Lofoten, Norway 68.2470°N 13.7420°E 18 View data
(lake site)
BødalsvatnettVestvågøy, Lofoten, Norway 68.3187°N 13.9407°E 37 View data
Bad a' Cheo BADOCaithness, Highland, Scotland 58.4319°N 3.4316°W ND 16500 50174 n/a View data
Ben Eighe Profile 1Highland, Scotland 57.6300°N 5.3000°W NF023629 20 no data
Ben Gorm Moss BGMSkye, Scotland 57.6096°N 6.3012°W NG 143189 865888 452 View data
Catanach CATOCaithness, Highland, Scotland 58.4159°N 3.7031°W ND 00605 48769 185 View data
Craigmaud Moss CRMAberdeenshire, Scotland 57.6177°N 2.1983°W NJ 882 586 n/a View data
Cross Lochs CRSLOCaithness, Highland, Scotland 58.3707°N 3.9661°W NC85095 44154 220 View data
Dallican Water
(lake site)
ProfileShetland, Scotland 60.3874°N 1.0966°W HU498674 n/a no data
Kebister Profile 1Shetland, Scotland 60.1800°N 1.1600°W HU463459 30 View data
Keiths Peat Bank Profile 1Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland 58.8120°N 3.2670°W ND272922 65 View data
Lairg AG3 Profile 2Sutherland, Scotland 57.9800°N 4.4000°W NC584019 100 View data
Loch Farlary Y25Sutherland, Scotland 58.0162°N 4.0763°W NC774048 205 View data
Loch Leir Profile 1Caithness, Scotland 58.3600°N 3.7800°W NC956460 180 View data
Longbridge Moss LBMDumfries and Galloway, Scotland 55.0064°N 3.4867°W NY 050690 15 View data
Mallachie Moss MALStrathspey, Scotland 57.7914°N 4.9132°W NH 2693 8170 n/a View data
Roundhill Profile 1Grampian, Scotland 57.6080°N 2.1750°W NJ895575 100 View data
Slethill Profile 1Caithness, Scotland 58.3800°N 3.8300°W NC939459 180 View data
Station Hill, Altnabreac Profile 6Caithness, Scotland 58.3800°N 3.7000°W ND001459 160 View data
Degerö Stormyr SV-B, Sweden 64.1810°N 19.5640°E n/a 270 View data
Klocka Bog Profile 1Jämtland, Sweden 63.3083°N 12.4833°E 526 View data
Kortlandamossen Kortlandamossen 1Värmland, Sweden 59.8460°N 12.2640°E n/a 123 View data
Lake Furskogstjärnet
(lake site)
n/aVärmland, Sweden 59.3805°N 12.0803°E n/a 137.3 View data
Lake Svartkälsjärn
(lake site)
SV-L, Sweden 64.2640°N 19.5520°E n/a 260 View data
Sammakovuoma Lake
(lake site)
SL, Sweden 66.9920°N 21.5000°E n/a 237 View data
Ulvåmossen UlvåmossenVärmland, Sweden 60.2056°N 12.6583°E n/a 215 View data

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